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the red dress

We all draw inspiration from somewhere, whether it's the weather, our icons and role models, books or tv shows. For me, it's mostly music. I draw every and any kind of creative ideas and inspirations based on what I'm listening to at the moment. Once I listen to a certain song, an imagery of the sound comes to my mind and since I was a kid I would imagine the possible music videos or photographs of what I'm hearing. Until this day, I can't help myself but always have a picture in my mind for each song that I listen to. And fashionwise, this plays a big role in all my choices of outer appearance.  This post will be divided in different parts, each of a different human in the music industry that has influenced my fashion choices and also way of thinking. So, welcome to the first part of this series of mine. source here

fall favourites from ASOS

Because, where else would I turn to search for the perfect fall basics, layering and statement pieces? As I've said it before, ASOS is my go-to online shop and every season their desigs get only better and better, bringing the trends from the catwalks to our closets. I've selected different pieces from their newest lines that will, hopefully, encourage you too to try different new and old trends this season. Enjoy my selection and don't forget to check out my new LET'S CONNECT buttons (on da sidebar) to keep up with all the new stuff :)