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Me and Mirina

I feel a little guilty that I haven't posted as much as I'd want but there are a few good reasons behind that. Other than life, work and my addiction to sleep in at every chance I get, I've been waiting to do a proper post about my first collaboration ever on this blog. And I'm so happy that it is with Mirina Collections.  If you follow me on Snapchat ( @ otterlyme ), then you already saw a sneak peak of the necklace I'm rocking. In fact, as of now I'm one of their Ambassadors. This is all new to me but thanks to Brit, I've been up to date with every little thing and it's safe to say that they're really friendly and helpful, and ready to answer my every question (because I had lots of them!).   Now I'm seriously crushing on their collection of necklaces, rings and other jewelry. They offer a huge range of styles to choose from also in clothes and accessories, but their necklaces, I think, are their trademark. And I was positiv

pink flowers, white lace

What I would't give to spend just a little more time in the South, to soak up the sun a little bit more and dive in the clear blue sea just a few more times. And cherish the beauty that's mixed with (unfortunately) garbage and stray dogs. The way to enjoy the nation is to concentrate on the eye candy that is around every corner. The little streets, the different architecture in different cities, the habits of the locals, the nature, oh the nature! I'm an absolute realist, that's why I don't face away from the ugly part of it, like the dirty street sides, senseless graffiti and 13-year-old's smoking Red Marlboro. It belongs to the whole. And it's way more surprise-less to see it how it is, than to just focus on the pretty houses and delicious bakery goods. It's the way to really love a country, with it's flaws and all. And we all know that it works for people the same way. We all have our beautiful and not-so-beautiful side. And we have to embrace it

high by the beach

Once upon a time I was in Italy. Again. And again, I fell in love. I fell in love with the cornetti and cafè americano, even if they look weird at you when you order it in the South. I fell in love just being there, by grasping on the idea that I'm lucky enough to have lived there and called it home. I'm grateful for all the good and the bad, because the good keeps you going and the bad makes you stronger. And the best part of Italy - every corner is so beautiful, that you could just turn it into a one big photo studio. The sun shines incredibly bright and the wind plays with your hair in a way no prop can stand next to it. This set of photos were taken by the sea, starting from a really small pine forest that leads to the sea, rumbling and crazy but so mesmerizing. It makes you feel free and open, happy and loved by your surroundings. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did doing them. And in terms of this blog - exciting things are coming! Keep your eyes peeled ...