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tea time

After this time of the year, and I'm not talking about Christmas, but about the time before Christmas, we all need to sit back and relax. After all the running around trying to find the perfect gifts, we easily forget about ourselves. For me the best method to unwind is to enjoy some good quality tea. And London Tea Club answered my tea enthusiasts prayers!

bad moon rising

  Finally I'm sitting down to finish this post and share these photos with you! It's always a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when it's cold outside and you go through your summer photos, or just warmer and sunnier weather photos. Like this set, for example, we did just a few weeks ago when it was still sunny and no jackets where needed.

3+ outfits for you 31st

That moment when it's the 29th of October and you still don't know what to wear and naturally don't have any more time to shop for anything....BOOH! That's the real Halloween scare. I always come up with good ideas some time after, like between December-June. And let's be honest, we don't necesarrily want to or need to buy every year something new for Halloween! So let's think of this post as an adult Halloween costume idea guide. 

north polar bear

Ever since I decided to dive head first into all-things-blogging, every new day has brought to me a new brand to discover. The big and popular names are out there since, what seems like, forever and it may seem that there arent' as many new companies brought in the spotlight. And exactly for this I love blog-world. There will always be a blogger who will love to put out the word about your brand, company, website, anything you create. It's sometimes feels like a really big circle of friends who support you, lift you up but also keep you down to ground.

hey, sailor!

Just going through the photos from Italy sparks up a hundred feels and it feels like I can actually smell the sea and it makes you forget it's freaking freezing outside and summer is nowhere near. 

normal people scare me

They do. But not about them, let's talk about this awesome t-shirt I found over at Depop! I was at first very passive on the app but once I started, I kind of got addicted. Not only I'm happy to make some cents selling some of my stuff, I really get excited when I can find pieces from latest and previous collections of my favourite brands. And also some cool and one-of-a-kind stuff, or just quirky logo/slogan tees and possible gift ideas.