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festival spirit

Since I was of legal age to attend festivals I never actually had the chance. Oh, the irony. I love everything about them: the unending lineup of musicians, sleeping or not sleeping in tents, booze (even if I drink rarely, a cold beer in a hot summer day is unbeatable), mary-jane, friends, new friends, overly kind strangers and other activities. I don't know exactly what goes down there but I can imagine. If only I could have one summer without falling everything I have to do in the same dates as the festivals that I would love to visit. If only... But instead of grieving about not having tickets for this summer I still gathered all of my favourite garments and accessories in a festival/boho/hipster style.  You can see I'm a die-hard fan of ASOS, so I combined my asos-faves with my Forever 21 picks. F21 just might be the perfect shopping destination for a student budget and a great effortless style. So on point! I hope you enjoy and leave feedback!  Click on READ MORE for MOR…

about Angelina and women

As many of you may have read in the news these last days, you've might have encountered some headlines like "Jolie removes her ovaries" or "Angelina Jolie is no longer a woman" or "Angelina Jolie: let's get rid of the ovaries". Not only because I study media communication, but also because I'm a woman, I find these headlines and the majority of the articles absolutely irrespectful, degrading to those who have written them and majorly inadequate. Some of those "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves. They mostly just spit out that Mrs. Jolie Pitt has decided to "cut out" her ovaries and fallopian tubes because she is afraid. PEOPLE, PLEASE. Inform yourselves before writing those stupid, uneducated, hateful comments!! You clearly have only read the yellow press or worse - only the headlines.

I can't explain with how much anger for the haters and respect for Angelina Jolie I'm writing this. The negative comments,…

Seeing hearts

St. Valentine's is far gone already, but as I mentioned in this post, heart print remains my favourite of them all. Of course, I'm a sucker for leopard print and stripes big time, but hearts are just like the base of my being. Simply because I think that I was put on this world to love and be loved, and that's exactly how I feel and I love to celebrate love in every form and way, even if it's just a print on a piece of clothing. You may also critisize me because I'm wearing a playsuit in winter (these photos were taken in February and it was darn cold outside), but first - I don't care. I love the playsuit and I will wear it where, when and how I want to, that's why I got it in the first place. Second - this is for all the concerned mothers that think that I'm too poorly dressed for the weather - I'm wearing a long-sleeve top underneath, 80den thights and a very warm coat. It just doesn't get better, or warmer, than with this layering. (insert …


I just watched the finale of Glee. It tore open all of my emotions, from happiness to sadness. I teared up more than ever. You may think this is childish and stupid. Let me put this straight.
6 years of a TV show, topics like LGBT, sex change, bullying, death threats, shootings etc. These aren't just problems that occur in America. They are everywhere, in every country, in every city, on a bigger or a smaller scale. But they exist.

Touching these subjects was not the backbone of the show. Of course, they kind of translated these problems and struggles in a way that kids and parents who watched it, could understand them. They raised awareness of the struggles that we all go through.

The real backbone of Glee was acceptance: of yourself, of others, of how cruel and beautiful the world can be. It teached kids and teenagers about teen pregnancy, bullying, struggles of a kid in a wheelchair. And it taught also that none of it should stop you from who you want to be and what you want t…

black graffiti

A tourist in your own city is a really rewarding thing. While guiding your relatives or friends, or giving directions to a stranger, you re-visit the place you live in and even re-evaluate some of it's qualities, what the city has to offer, hotspots and new discoveries.  I'm more of a 21st century girl when it comes to graffiti, i.e., I love it. It is my favourite kind of contemporary art. I find it rebellious, beautiful and clever. Have you ever noticed how the graffiti artists try to blend their work in with the circumstances, with the scenery or the building? I'm not talking about those graffitis that are sad jokes, awful waste of good spray paint and a good wall. I'm talking about the anonymous artists who do their best to make a piece of urban style art. Banksy, for example, is the absolute god of graffiti, and Space Invader is awesome too.   I already talked my lungs out regarding graffiti a couple of years ago in my Trinity exam, it was so fun to have an examin…

Adventure time x Vans

Ready for a new little adventure? Since I live not even an hour away from Luxembourg city, I had to bring my boyfriend there. I love to see the immediate difference between Germany and Luxembourg, between the german villages that I have to drive through and the luxembourgish ones. On the border they are almost attached but already different - the houses, the streets, the people. But the city is what I love the most. It's not too big and not too small. I've been there a thousand times and I still get lost (also while taking these pictures), but I never miss a visit to Ladurée. And the near-by high street shops are a feast to the eyes (think Hervé Léger, BCBG Max Azria, Chanel etc.). But about the macarons, in a different post - keep your eyes peeled!

We're going to very (not so) distant lands

Hey, everyone!
Since Thursday evening I've been in heaven - my otter (see what I did there) half came to visit me! And we've been enjoying our time together doing absolutely nothing, having late breakfasts and also going on little adventures (hint on my Instagram) like this one.
That evening we were just strolling around the city and already heading home. Although there are far more prettier places in the city, I wanted to shoot these photos on a much more basic background since also my outfit was pretty laid back with a little cool detail - Adventure Time Finn & Jake Backpack!
These Puma sneakers have been with me for a long time now and as I'm now in a much faster pace in my everyday I decided to also wear them a lot more than just three times a year. And yes, they are super comfortable.

black and white

Inspiration also comes in black and white ...