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Long distance relationship. Shudder? This kind of relationship has become some kind of a myth. But it shouldn't. Ever since I learned what really went down in the Italian School System (no offense), I knew right away I didn't want to continue my studies in the sunshine and pizza land and so I moved to Germany. The instability of school schedule, the lack of respect between students and teachers (it works - or doesn't work - both ways), the lack of anonymity where it is needed and just the whole "don't trust anyone" that circles between teenagers in school environment was just too much for me.

The White Dress

Still dreaming of summer and everything that comes along with it, like little dresses, messy hair and all white everything.

Mesh & Nike

The title says it all. You may not see me walking down the street in this outfit, but I genuinely love this mash-up of styles. When I first learned that sporty chic was a real thing, I was so so glad, because I've always enjoyed the comfort of sporty garments combined with feminine accents. It makes you feel ready for anything and still makes you feel like a girl. :)

Addicted to black

All black everything? Yes, please!

First Look

To create a welcoming atmosphere on my first look's post, I decided to let you see what I wore while exploring my newest crush - the city that I live near to and where everything's happening. It's Trier / Treves.  It's the oldest city of Germany, but still not everyone knows about it's existence, so you better pick up a map and find, and fall in love with it just like I did. I came here for the first time around a year ago to visit my family. The city is small but so full, even the rain can't get tourists out of it. I think that I loved this city instantly because it kind of reminded me of my (kinda) hometown, Riga, only in a miniature size. About the look, this is one of my favourite casual outfit. The flat ballerinas are my every year's must , and this pair I found on Asos and I couldn't resist, they're super simple and so comfortable! The skirt was a risky one, because of its short asymmetrical cut, but I loved it and how it looks, and it