fire and blood

Hey y'all! After what seems like forever, here I am, writing again and hoping that there's still at least a soul left that will read this. The past few weeks have been crazy, many ups and downs but c'est la vie. I try to embrace every negative thing to make it work for me and learn from it. In the mean time, my boyfriend was visiting me again. The person who said that long distance relationships are doomed or stupid or the worst ever, probably has never experienced it with the right person. Each time we see it's like we've never been apart. But we are. And it sucks. But it's all for the better, right? The universe does its thing and we do ours and it's all good, not easy but good. Heh. So we shot these images before the grande finale of Game of Thrones. I must say, I was a weenie teenie bit upset that the only big wow of the whole season was Hardhome. Of course, there were so many important scenes and lines being said, but. But. Ok, let's now go into our caves, packed with food, and wait for the next season to come out. And I guess you can say which team I'm on (even if it's a bit boring for some, cmon, she's THE Khaleesi).

This light was just perfect. I think it combined so well with the red jeans and House Targaryen sigil and created an effect of fire through the hair. Mood = achieved.

Outfit details:
Jeans: H&M (similar here)
T-Shirt: HBO (a gift from my awesome man)
Shoes: Converse All Star (from Asos)
Bag: New Look (similar here, here and here)


  1. Lovely outfit!

  2. I'm Also team khaleesi! I thought this whole season was quite drawn out and slow besides the last few episodes. Great outfit too! xo

    1. Everything that happened during this season was all important, but nothing breath taking! At least not on the levels of previous ones! Still, the best show out there :D Thank you! xx


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