Me and Mirina

I feel a little guilty that I haven't posted as much as I'd want but there are a few good reasons behind that. Other than life, work and my addiction to sleep in at every chance I get, I've been waiting to do a proper post about my first collaboration ever on this blog. And I'm so happy that it is with Mirina Collections. 
If you follow me on Snapchat (@ otterlyme), then you already saw a sneak peak of the necklace I'm rocking.
In fact, as of now I'm one of their Ambassadors. This is all new to me but thanks to Brit, I've been up to date with every little thing and it's safe to say that they're really friendly and helpful, and ready to answer my every question (because I had lots of them!).  
Now I'm seriously crushing on their collection of necklaces, rings and other jewelry. They offer a huge range of styles to choose from also in clothes and accessories, but their necklaces, I think, are their trademark. And I was positively surprised by the quality of the necklace that I received (with a matching pair of earrings, talk about awesome!!).
Read more to discover more and a surprise for you at the end of this post ;)

In these snaps I combined the necklace to different necklines to show how versatile it is, that it's actually easy to style such a sparkly piece not only for a night out but also for office, if you want to bring a little bling in your 9-5.
Oh, and I got a haircut! And a drastic one. Neither did I or my hairdresser, I think, were expecting this result but we went for it without a doubt (because he's the only one whom I'd let do anything with my hair, my hair guru - Ivars Rudzitis). But about that, later :)
I love how the necklace combines with the trendy earrings and my new hair, I just love it! By choosing the necklace I had only one rule - that I could wear it to more occasions and it wouldn't just land in my jewelry drawer and never see the sunlight again. And I think I've found the one.
And I had a little more fun with editing the pictures, some types of collages and contrasts I wouldn't normally use for my outfit posts, but this is a special occasion, isn't it? :)

And the best part of this is that I got the chance to give you all a discount code to use on their website on your next purchase(s). There's something for everyone - from rings to layered necklaces to dresses, swimsuits, sunnies, boho line and more! So grab this opportunity and use my code:


(that's a capital "i", just to be clear) for 20% off SITEWIDE and the price range is from $7-$199. Pretty cool, huh? :)

The Mirina Collections necklace that I'm wearing:

Vintage Choker 'Leona'

The necklines are respectively from: Stefanel, H&M, Northland and ASOS

Let me know which necklace is your favourite from their Famous Necklace collection! 

Love, Ieva



  1. This necklace is stunning, I love statement necklaces!

    xo, Liz

    1. Then you must have a look at the ones on the Mirina website! They're really outstanding and beautiful! :)


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