fall favourites from ASOS

Because, where else would I turn to search for the perfect fall basics, layering and statement pieces? As I've said it before, ASOS is my go-to online shop and every season their desigs get only better and better, bringing the trends from the catwalks to our closets. I've selected different pieces from their newest lines that will, hopefully, encourage you too to try different new and old trends this season. Enjoy my selection and don't forget to check out my new LET'S CONNECT buttons (on da sidebar) to keep up with all the new stuff :)

Let's start this off with a dress. I know, it's chilly and windy outside but under all the layers you've put on yourself, why hide this little gem of a dress and when the sun is at it's peak - voilĂ , this amazing vertical striped dress takes the spotlight. With its easy and minimalistic cut and colour, it becomes one of the versatiles dresses that you can easily rock in every season, with boots or slippers.

In case you want to wear something sleeveless but don't dare to bare a minidress like above, then this is the next best thing. This simple yet wonderful sleeveless tunic top is perfect both for showing off some skin and as a layering piece with, for example, a long sleeved top underneath and a big cozy cardigan over it. And that side slit!

And if after seeing the tunic you immediatly thought about which skinny jeans to pair it with - here's your answer. High-waisted, some rips here and there, the classic denim colour and perfect fitting. What more do you need if you have these ASOS Ridley jeans? Well, only other 5 pairs of them, please..

And if we are on the subject of bottoms - how about this wrap patchwork suede skirt of ASOS? It's not the cheapest option out there but this is pretty close to absolute awesomeness. The colours, the patchwork details, the wrap itself and the form. A m a z i n g. Who wants to gift it to me on Christmas? hehe

And now back with the denim and these beautiful jeans from Waven on ASOS. High rise, Mom jeans' fit and the perfect grey tones. What more to want for a comfy pair of jeans! 

Grey must be one of my favourite tones to come back for this season. Another example of it - these ASOS Baby flare jeans with a lace up detail. I'm mad about lace-up-everything and this cut is just the perfect one to optically slim down the leg and to give your silhouette a new form. Keep it casual with a band tee or a blazer and dress it up with high heels and a blouse (oh yeah, blouses are the new black). 

And if that paycheck is burning in your pocket, then invest in a really warm and cool sweatshirt, like this one from Wood Wood. The burgundy colour is easy to match with all other earthly tones that you will find in your closet and everywhere in the shops. Keep it simple and clean, and, most important, comfortable. 

And for a little softness get your hands on this long tunic knit in cashmere blend from ASOS Collection. Available also in different colours, it's the right answer for those cold morning when you don't want to wear anything but something - loose, comfy, soft and warm. And your day has been made.

But if the morning is more grey than beige, then put these blue-ish/silver-ish ASOS ankle boots and strive! They may not be made for dancing on tables but they are made to make a statement. They may be a risky pick but once you fall in love with a pair of shoes that love never fades. 

But if you do not wish to shake up your shoe closet that much, then this earthly coloured pair of ASOS ankle boots is the perfect match. They're fun and serious at the same time, a little bit futuristic - a lot the 70's. 

This is my cherry on top because, all the items I picked, weren't really connected to each other to create exact looks or outfits, but this bag goes with them all (especially with the previous boots, did you see?). 

What are your Fall Favourites? 

Lots of love,


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