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Fa la la la la! It's Christmas time and my heart and tummy are filled with joy and currently experiencing a little known thing called "food coma". At least I know I won't be eating sweets for the next few days. And that's why I'm feeling really brave and kind of excited about this post I'm writing for you. 
As you can tell from the title - I'm going to talk about crop tops! In Winter! Yes, I'm not mistaken and you read it right. Crop tops and winter do get along just fine, if you know how to style them winter-appropriate. Of course, it's way more easy to do in summer as you just put on some high waisted shorts or skirt (or a skort, for that matter) and just throw a crop top and you're good to go. It's a bit trickier in the winter time but it's possible.

By now, I think you know that I'm more of a practical buyer or at least try to avoid buying things I know I'll never wear and just look at them hanging so pretty in my closet. So buying this crop was a little challenge for me. I loved the print, the loose sleeves, the fact that it's black and white. And I loved how it looked on the model. But we all know that it's never the same when we wear these kinds of garments. No matter what, I ordered it (well, also because it was on sale) and I was actually content when I got it. It fits and it sits well. And it's super easy for me to style it because I own multiple high waisted bottoms, from jeans to skirts to shorts. Here I styled it with my H&M high waisted jeans in black and I can't wait to wear it in the summer with some white high waisted jeans and shorts. 
The only trick to wear a crop top in the winter is to wear it when the party/event/whatever is indoors. That simple, haha! Because you do now want to compromise your health for the sake of this crop top era. So be creative, be safe and stay warm in these winter months!
Here I've gathered some winter-appropriate crops for you to choose from to bring that midriff and summer feeling to the colder days. Enjoy! (some of them are on sale, so hurry up and get them before someone else does!)

the knitted ones

find us here: grey and white

the lace-y ones

find us here: red and black

the basic ones 

find us here: blue and black

the see-through ones

find us here: nude and yellow

the party-proof ones

find us here: green velvet and colorful chevron

Do you dare to rock some crops in the winter? If yes, what's your approach? Leave your answer in the comments section below!



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