hey, sailor!

Just going through the photos from Italy sparks up a hundred feels and it feels like I can actually smell the sea and it makes you forget it's freaking freezing outside and summer is nowhere near. 
It's easy to access the public beaches everywhere, you park your car and just go where the flow is going. But easy isn't always good. Or beautiful, for that matter. To get where we shot these pics (this location was also in my other posts such as Tuesday Blues and High by the beach) we drove trough something that's between a residential area and parked at a small-scale pinetree forest, crossed the pines on foot and ended up by the sea, so raw and untouched (almost). I live for the moments where I don't take my phone or camera out to capture the surroundings rather than actually smelling the air, feeling the fresh breeze and admiring the incredible force that is the sea that hits againts the rocks. There's nothing I adore more in nature than being by the seaside. It fulfills me with such inner energy that I cannot explain in words.

As for the outfit POV, I thought thay my new J.D.Y. striped top will be amusing enough to wear at the seaside because .. why not! And the platform shoes - I'm in love. I bought them absolutely impulsively thinking that maybe I shouldn't order them but when I put them on, I knew it was the right decision :) and yes, they're all-glitter-extra-cute and I love them that way.

Outfit details:
Cardigan: H&M
Top: J.D.Y.
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: ASOS


  1. Beautiful outfit and I love these photos!



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