face your fashion fears

Oh my darling, it's been a while.. again.. but I'm here! It's better to be late than to never come back, isn't it? Anyways, I just wanted to pop by and tell you something about how I broke down my comfort zone while on vacation. Would you be a doll and continue reading? :)

We all have our comfort zones for anything in life whether it's clothes, make-up, relationships or lifestyle choices. Being a little bit of a blogger, I've always encountered situations when someone would ask me (or maybe even I would ask myself): you're a blogger, you're out there on social media, you should wear anything that's "cool" without a second thought!!! Well, dears, it's nothing like that. It doesn't work that way. For example, to all those smart-asses out there, just because I come from Northern Europe, it doesn't mean I won't be cold in the winter, ffs! :)
But now let's talk about a little fashion fear I overcame during my vacation in Italy. The reason for this vacation will also be uploaded soon and some hints you can already see on my Instagram page...
Seeing many others trying always new trends (that sometimes ARE weird, cmon, destroyed t-shirt for 500€ just because of the brand? ekhem...) and also stumbling upon Dia&Co 's (I highly recommend their awesomeness) initiative of Try-Day-Friday (yeah, I know it's Monday, so forgive me if I was on vacay last Friday, hihi), I decided to try a classic one and wear those damn tights with overknee illusion. You might actually think I'm joking, but I have never had the courage to wear that combo as it looked for me way too cheap... but my boyfriend was there to encourage me to pair it with this adorable floral dress (link to it below) and I toughened it up with my everlasting (fake) leather jacket. And I felt like a million bucks. With this one little accesory of clothing.

Dear readers, face that fear! Wear those skinny jeans and wear that see-through shirt! Don't just exit your comfort zone, destroy it! You will feel so full of energy, courage and self-love once you wear that piece you have always wanted to!


Outfit details:
Jacket: Mango (old), similar here
Dress: Tezenis
Babydoll: Intimissimi
Tights: Tezenis
Socks: Calzedonia
Shoes: Riekers, similar here
Bag: Parfois, similar here


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  2. That black leather jacket looks amazing thanks for sharing this keep sharing posts like this.


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