Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How Home Decor Affects Your Happiness

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There are a thousand and one things every day that could put you in a bad mood. Whether you’ve had a bad day at work or an argument with your partner, you can usually identify the reason that you’re not feeling too great. But there are also a lot of underlying things that affect our happiness that you might not have considered before. Your home is a big one. The way that you decorate your home and look after it can really impact your mood and if you’re getting it wrong, your home won’t be a safe haven where you can relax after a long day. It’ll be a place that you don’t like spending time in and that can really have a negative effect on your mood. But don’t worry, you just need to make these simple changes to make your home a place that inspires happiness.

Relationship Troubles We Don't Often Talk About

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There’s a lot of common relationship problems out there, ones we see all the time on those agony aunt advice pages in the newspapers and the magazines, as well as strewn all over talk boards on the internet. But there’s always going to be some dark sides to dating and relationships, one’s we have no idea how to combat because there’s simply little to no advice out there on how to handle ourselves!

And this can be incredibly frustrating and lonely, and it’s something we need to think about more. So in order to try and get something out there that could help the millions of people who are having unlisted relationship troubles, here’s a couple of main problems to think about.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Why Photography is a Fantastic Hobby

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Everyone needs a hobby that they can be passionate about. Hobbies give us a fun way to relax, learn and grow as human beings. If you don’t have at least one hobby you love, then you are more likely to slip into bad habits like watching the TV all evening, instead of doing things that are truly enriching.

For many people today, photography is the thing they are passionate about, an this is hardly surprising now that high-end cameras are more affordable, and now that software has made it easy for most of us, with a little practice, to create stunning photos.

10 Things That The Modern Home Should Be...

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Home is where the heart is, and every modern homeowner wants to maximize the potential of their properties. In truth, everyone has their unique preferences and requirements. Still, there is absolutely no doubt that we all share some common goals.

While the exact methods of achieving those things may change from one homeowner to the next. Having a plan of action regarding those essential attributes is key. Here are 10 that you must aim for with your property.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Would Opening A New Shop On The Highstreet Be A Financial Disaster?

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With many big retailers closing their doors for the last time, you would be forgiven for thinking that opening a new store on the high street would be financial suicide!  The face of the high street is changing rapidly, as many consumers now buy their products and services online rather than from an actual shop. With rentals of commercial premises being at an all time high, retailers need to pass on this cost to consumers in order to stay afloat. However financial uncertainty is at the forefront of consumers minds meaning that they have become much more savvy as to where they buy products from and what price they are prepared to pay. Online retailers don’t have the costs associated with property rentals, meaning that they are able to sell products at a cheaper price.