The White Dress

Still dreaming of summer and everything that comes along with it, like little dresses, messy hair and all white everything.

The key element as you can see is my white dress. For months I was obsessed with finding the perfect one that would go with my casual style but still feel special. And then I received this beautiful Just Female dress from my boyfriend's mother as a gift. With its baseball cutout sleeves, soft fabric and possibility to combine it easily with boots/sneakers and heels, it really is the perfect one.
The leather jacket and I are bffs, inseparable. I bought it right when I saw it in the new collection some time ago but now you can find it at the Mango Outlet along other beautiful previous collection's treasures.
I usually try to avoid gold/golden jewellry and trinkets, because I'm more of a silver or white gold fan, but in this case the golden accents and accessories put a nice touch and finished feeling. Hope you enjoy my LWD just like I do!

Outfit details:
Leather jacket: Mango
Little White Dress: Just Female or similar here
Sneakers: ASOS or similar here or here
Heart Midi Ring: ASOS or similar here or here
Chain Necklace (here bracelet): found in Treves, similar here
Tassel Ring: Latvian Folklore Traditional Ring found in the Open Air Museum Fair in Riga, Latvia

P.S. The Open Air Museum is one of the many things to visit if you're ever in Riga. If you click on the link you can read about it's history and upcoming activites in winter and in summer. In the summer it is a real relaxing pleasure to attend the Fair as it is filled with great workshops, very talanted handicraft works from home utensils to high quality jewellery, and of course the traditional food prepared on the spot and possibility to participate in such activites.


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