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I've never understood why almost everyone has problems with Monday, with the beginning of the week and why they seem to be living only for the weekend. I, personally, am more of a Monday person (but still, not a morning one). I enjoy that a new week has begun, new things are ahead. Even if it's the same old routine, it still has this fresh feeling of something new, of new possibilities, maybe new routines, new pace through the whole week and even new chances of surprises. I love Mondays and I've been that weird kid in school, who in classes, if asked who their favourite weekday is, wouldn't raise my hand for the Friday or Saturday (or Sunday, for that matter). I stood out because I loved Mondays, because a lot can happen on Mondays (and any other underrated weekday). For example, I was born on a Monday. So, the planets and the universe maybe are naturally influencing me on loving Mondays and I'm not against it, at all. In fact, I embrace the love of beginnings because I like to take advantage of it and actually be more creative and productive. And weekends always leave a sad nostalgic feeling inside of me and I can never wait for the Monday to come. Maybe it's because I'm not a party animal and don't "zombie" through the week just to get to those eleven discos, parties and bars in two nights. I can't bare the idea to be grumpy for 5 days straight and then unwind and turn up drunk af.
But if we're talking about weekday lovin', I must say - the best things happen exactly on underrated weekdays. Like today. Just a regular humpday, Wednesday at it's finest. That's where you're wrong. It's another day, a new day, that you can make the best day of your week, month or year. Or you can just feel super good about yourself, like you should (every day!!). Take my today as an example: I finally forced myself to the gym after months of whining that I need to get in shape. And it felt so good!!! Of course, I'm wrecked now, because that was my first ever gym visit, but those 2 and a half hours were pure bliss for my body and soul. I will not feel bad about the aches and sore muscles of tomorrow because that is a different day. And I also booked my plane tickets to see my boyfriend. At this point, life couldn't get any better! Well, OK, it could, but in this moment here I feel good, I feel happy and that's what every new day should bring also to you. Nurture your soul as you wish, fill your heart with love and your mind with happiness. Just be good to yourself and take care of your needs, and you'll see that every new day, is it a Monday or a Saturday, will the best day ever.

P.S. I know this is such a different post from what I've done until now, but this is how I express myself. I hope you do too. Love.


  1. Wish I could be as positive as you about Monday's!
    I'm currently one of those people living for the weekend - I have to say I never thought I would be.
    When you're stuck in a job you hate all week though Monday's can really get you down.
    Hopefully I find something to make my Monday a littl brighter today :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. End: it's not the mondays you hate, but your job. You have to find at least one good thing every day, no matter monday or friday. That's the beauty of life and the universe we live in - we make the best of what we've got. We only have to do it. And it doesn't have to be anything hard or impossible. Maybe start by just treating yourself some flowers or anything else that lifts up your spirits for a moment and you'll see ! :)


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