merry little holidays

First of all, I've started to just wish happy holidays to everyone and not Christmas because I've realised how many differently religious people surround me and I'm trying not be an asshole by wishing them a happy Christian festivities when they're not a part of them.

However, Christmas time can be a bitch. Sorry for my language but it's true.
Move aside magical Christmas Spirit, the smell of freshly baked gingerbreadmen and shopping madness. Christmas isn't all fun and peace, it has it's downside too. Like, it's especially hard to cope for those families or individuals who have lost their loved ones because in this time of the year some feel the absence more than on a normal day. Some maybe just quarelled with someone and can't overcome their pride so they pass the holiday season being all grumpy. Others maybe just don't see the magic in the Christmas as it is already taken over by the big industries and made into a shopping spree and unnecessary, dumb thing buying.
For me, this festive season has brought nothing but stress. Of course, also the good kind but the bad kind just tags along whatever I do. It unleashes unwelcomed fights and misunderstandings, inappropriate sense of humor that makes me tell jokes about really dark stuff (because I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor) or we just don't think so much about what we are about to say. And we don't do the things, the chores that we have to actually do and finish by the time the holidays have passed. So it just keeps us on such a high wave of happiness and then lets us fall down and crush into the wild ocean of responsibilites that we have to take care of. It is good to turn your brain off once in a while but I just know that with my working routine I will not get shit done by it's deadline. And I could do many things to prevent it but this is too much of a deeply rooted habit that it's close to impossible to change.

But I didn't want this post to be completely negative. Late nights just get the best of me and my sentimental heart (and realistic-thinking brain).
I love the holidays, I truly love giving gifts more than receiving them, I love wrapping them and unwrapping, I love decorating the Christmas tree and making fun of how crooked the tree stands. It's all fun and I love it, I can feel the love in the air especially in this time of the year. But as I said, I'm a sucker for realism and this all sugar-coated holiday has it's dark side.

Still, wishing everyone health, understanding, patience, happiness, a little bit of luck and most of all - love. Because love does make the world go 'round.
And see you in the next blog post from Italy!

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