NYFW Runway favourites, part 2

And here it is - the 2nd part of my NYFW favourites.
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Youthful, fresh and heavy at the sime time, girly and grung-y. Little perfections together to form this stunning collection by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Hats off, one of the best of the whole Fashion Week and also one of the most anticipated shows. The girliness is balanced with the heavy eye-liner and perfectly undone hair with berets. Bad hair days don't exist if you have a Marc Jacobs!


Marchesa has been one of the designers (designer duo, to be precise) that spoke to me through their beautiful dresses. The designs, the patterns, the silhouettes - all so dreamy, feminine, stunning. Everything a girl could want in a dress. From the latest collection shown on the runway I absolutely loved this dress for various reasons. I loved how this dress stood out from all the other ones and from the previous collections. I love 1920's so I immediately fell in love with this particular dress, the flapper girls are my bffs from the past, I guess. Being a bit heavy, maybe, it still has the Marchesa particular feminine feeling. And the haute-couture take on choker - gorgeous.


The furs remind me of Old Hollywood, the vibe of Cinematography itself as if the models were off to participate in a movie or going for drinks in a gloomy New York city. The collection offered various androgynous styles and designs that look so effortless and chic. Quite safe as styles but daring with the accents (the fur! - let's just hope its faux). And undone hair is on point, really. Nothing to add, it's MK in all it's classical glory.


Peter Copping had some big shoes to fill after the death of Oscar de la Renta, the designer himself (rest in peace), and he did a great job, in my opinion. It was wonderful, interesting, surprising and beautiful all together. The style was still the house's, but with a fresh take. I loved all the designs, especially these three (in the picture), starting from a more casual (left), to a cocktail dress with peek-a-boo lace inserts and ending with a stunning gown, that surprisignly did not look like a cupcake (like many gowns tend to look so, so I'm usually not a fan of them). Overall stunning and really beautiful collection.


Earthy colors, fur, fringe, western meets Chicago = yes, please. The whole collection was perfectly down to earth, in every sense. From colours to patterns to details. Everything was so comfy-looking, snuggly. Kind of reminded of Blake Lively's Vogue cover, only with less colour variety and more different takes on similar styles. Still, astonishing.


Risky, feminine but safe with oversized parkas. Interesting mixing of different patterns and surprising matches of textiles. And easy-styled hair appears once again to be the perfect accesory and adding the lightness to the whole look. Love it all.


My two favourites of Wang's show are total opposites: the black ensemble reminds more of an underground goth gathering and the sweater and jeans mix remind more of an edgy brunch with girlfriends. Both are beautiful, daring and still chic. Alexander Wang has proved himself to be one of the designers who will not let you down and the one who keeps improving and surprising with every new collaboration (think H&M) and collection. My second favourite of them all!


Last but not least, my biggest crush in fashion world: Zac Posen. His vision is so clear on runway, the feminine touch but oh-so wearable! Also he kept it simple with hairstyle and make-up, because, let's be honest, his pieces speak for themselves. Also here, I decided to choose only two, but two very different looks. The first is oversized, flowy dress with a dramatic coat. Being oversized doesn't mean it has to be also heavy, the pairing of these two oversized pieces are perfectly soft and light. The last dress, majestically worn by the one and only Naomi Campbell, did break the Internet and conquered all of our hearts. True, it is a bit of a cupcake (see above, Oscar de la Renta), but it is just too groundbreaking to be considered just a cake. It is not a culinary monstrosity because of the geometrical cut of the bodice and the whole structure suggests more an idea of a goddess than a red velvet cupcake. And in both dresses the colour choice is superb - it is not the usual blue and red tones that we always find in clothing. They both are a bit old school-y and that is the key to their beauty, originality and geniality of the designer.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and choices of the NYFW! Let me know which were your favourites in the comments below, as well as feedback for my part. 
I'll see you in the next post about my faves from London Fashion Week that has just ended and it is continuing in Milan.


photo credit: Vogue.de 


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