Mercury, it's your fault!

So, as some of you may know or not, I currently study Communications, to make it short (and Spanish as a secondary subject) at the Uni and I wanted to share an article I wrote as a homework. It is not much but I personally felt that this little research about Mercury Retrograde explained a lot what was happening to me, my laptop and my smartphone. My phone went bananas, the Internet would occasionally bail on me and my laptop was a pure rebel at heart. Luckily the Retrograde is coming to an end (on 11th February).
The best part is that this is science and one cannot just say "pff, I don't believe in that stuff". This is scientifically proven and it is just awesome. Too bad I don't have the patience to sink myself into this more but I love this kind of stuff and I hope you do too!

Mercury Retrograde...

... what is it? Does it influence us all? How to live through it without getting into too much trouble?
Mercury Retrograde happens circa 3 times a year, this year we're experiencing the first one between the 22nd January 2015 until the 11th February 2015. The phenomenon means that Mercury slows down its usual pace and from our point of view, Earth, it looks like it is going backwards. It has some repercussions on our planet Earth because of the relationship between the two planets and their specific positions in the Solar System.

For starters, Mercury is known as the Messenger, i.e., the planet of communication. Therefore, many of us may experience also a "retrograde" in our hand-held communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops and the Internet. To understand it better you have to imagine Mercury as a big magnet that goes around us thus having a magnetic impact on Earth and our tech-devices.
Some of you may have doubts about what you're reading right now. This is astrology, this is not card reading or some crystal ball. This is science and it has a strong impact on our daily lives and it allows us to understand some of the so-called "weird" things happening to our tech and ourselves in this period of time.
Mercury being the Messenger and being in retrograde means that we could experience problems with technology, so a big advice to everyone is to back-up your files. As for problems of communication it is highly suggested to proof-read your texts or e-mails and have a second opinion on what you have written. Also, in time it is for the best to post-pone signing any papers or contracts, but of course, that isn't always an option, so you better have someone to read the fine print with you. Two heads better than one, especially during Mercury Retrograde.

For some of us the Retrograde can mean being unusually late, missing appointments and just being slower, just like Mercury is right now. And on an emotional level it may bring a feeling of nostalgia and sadness. But knowing that the cycle is just temporary, we can set our minds and actions to work with it not against it. For example, for the majority of human beings, though depending on the astrological sign one is born in, Mercury Retrograde can make us re-think the past from different points of view, in different light, we may feel more nostalgic than usual and just feel lazy. That can cause a big impact on our work, studying and relations/communication. But in just a few days the Retrograde will be over and the planets will be aligned like usual, putting everything back on track. Until next Mercury Retrograde!

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