5 things your mum was right about shopping...

...and your wardrobe and shopping choices!

As you may notice, my blog's appearance has been freshend  up a bit because of following reasons:
1. it's  spring, 2. I wanted it to look "cleaner" and "fresher", if you know what I mean, and 3. because I found this amazing free template through Bloglovin' thanks to her and her, so thank you blogger communities for being so awesome!

And with a fresh breeze of bloggin air, I've decided to introduce also other kinds of posts on my blog to keep it more fun! So this time, I'm listing 5 things that your mum (talking from experience with my dear momma) did know better than you about clothes, even if you didn't or don't want to believe her. I've learned it the hard way but at least I did learn it eventually. :)

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1. Don't by clothes that don't fit you

 It's sales time, you're at your favourite store, you see the skirt that you saw when it was still in      "New Collection" and now it's available for a reasonable price. But there's one catch: it's not in your size. Maybe it's a size smaller or larger, but not yours so it won't fit your body. Don't buy it! You may think "oh, I'll lose those 2 kgs" or "I can always alter the garment, I'll do it myself or take it to an atelier". The truth is, you almost never get those clothes fixed and they end up in your closet with price tag still attached even after 2 seasons. And you always convince yourself not to throw them away because one day you will wear it. Hear me - you won't. Best case scenario, it will end up on your Depop account (which is not actually a bad thing, for the next owner, I mean) and find new home. If it is not your size, don't buy it. It's a waste of money and maybe someone who is that size will be much much happier buying it and actually wearing it.
Or don't buy anything too short or too tight. You may think it is sexy and/or cute, but it is not. Too short and too tight looks only good on VS's models and other models with loads of Photoshop.

    2. Don't buy it because it's "trendy"

    I'm talking about those flower crowns that everybody wore 2 years ago to Coachella and forgot about them in the same September. I'm talking about those bouclé jackets and blazers. If you don't intend to rock them also when they're not on every fashion bloggers first page, then don't buy them. If you do love the bouclé pattern unconditionally like you love your blue jeans, then go ahead.

    3. Invest in some basics

    Nobody nowadays wants to be basic, but it's the foundation on what you build and add your own personal cheeky accessories and statement pieces. Blue jeans or semi-elegant trousers, a good quality t-shirt, black cardigan and a crossbody bag can help you dress down some more difficult patterns like neon coloured heels or a fluffy bag. Get the basics to create something laid-back but still cool.

    4. Better a more expensive lingerie than an expensive top

    Why you should spend more on good lingerie than 10 cute t-shirts or an overpriced tanktop? Because, you can wear that beautiful lace bra/bralet under that basic white V neckline shirt and you will feel awesome, you will feel like a little rebel. And a nice lingerie is always nice and the right answer if you want to buy something new but don't know what. And it's super-personal, only you (or also your boyfriend) will know what's underneath that blouse!

    5. Buy a ready-to-go outfit

    If you have the creative brain (and of course you do, you're awesome) then imagine a whole outfit that you'd want, before going shopping and when in the store, go and find what you've thought of. Buying a coordinated outfit is a really good investment, because you can mostly wear it to various events, you can dress it up or down and always put a twist on it with different accessories. Or when shopping for just one or two things, think about what you already have and match the new to the old. This gives you such variety of mixing up different looks with less clothing pieces.

    Take my word for all these five points. If you need proof, then just take a look at my closet. I wish I'd listened to my mum earlier about these little things.

    Share also here, in the comments, what rules or suggestions do you follow/have when shopping or organising closet and outfits!



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