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Has this photo got your attention? Good :) 
As I'm still trying to figure out in which particular way my blogposts should go, I'll keep posting whatever I feel like sharing. Like it was with Angelina's post, #GleeGoodbye, my inspo posts and now I'm sharing a food inspired post about the oh-so-mainstream-but-who-cares beauty that is macaroons. 
Having tried out many different places, Ladurée remains my favourite. But maybe I just haven't met the right one ;) And I count myself lucky to live just an hour of car ride away from Luxembourg City where I can get them! And the shop is the most prettiest, luxurious little place with great service (when it's crowded, there's a doorman who opens the doors for you -insert emoji with hearts instead of eyes-) and selection of macaroons, summer and winter specials, cakes and souvenirs. All that magic in one little corner.
And speaking about magic - Ladurèe is also very active collaborating with different celebrities, designers, pro's all in all. And this beautiful bag and box are designed by Emilio Pucci. The colorful patterns and feminine touch are kind of the signature of the designer. And, gosh, that looks incredible! And even better, I got to fill that cute box full with macaroons, with my all-time favourite pistachio and others. 
So almost after violently eating all the macaroons with my bf, I had to take the camera and try to snap some photos of this beauty of creation. 

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  1. So obsessed with Laduree! Pretty as they are delicious :)

    I've nominated you for the Leibster Award on my blog!

    1. I totally agree! And they never fail you :)

      WOW, thank you! So cool! :)))


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