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It's St. Valentine's soon and the Internet, the shops and the streets are filled with red and pink themed decorations, Facebook is overflowing with positive and negative statuses and photos by those who are in love (because being in love doesn't always mean that the love is returned) and by those who are annoyed by this already commercialized holiday. But it never really bothered me. When I was a kid, my mum would give me a big heart-shaped candy or some sweets. Later in my teens I'd spend St. Valentine's at friends' parties, not really paying attention to the meaning of the day, just following the dress code, which, obviously, was red or pink. And since I'm in a relationship I can happily say that February 14th isn't the only day in the year when I feel a bit more spoiled and loved, no, it's every day. And I'm grateful for that. But still, St. Valentine's has a super-little special place in my heart, because I am obsessed with everything that has hearts on it or is pink/red, just like I am with glitter now, and khaki and monochrome pieces. They all are my obsessions atm, but the heart print has always been my favourite. And when should one rock it, if not on St. Valentine's? I'll post on Valentine's day my themed outfit, as I am dying to show it to you. It is really simple but still cute.

For now, I've prepared some inspiration from ASOS New Collection and Sale and Chiara Ferragni Collection SS15, this time for girls only, what to wear if you're going on a special date or just partying with your friends, or even just getting dressed up to watch movies at home and not caring about the outside world on that day. :)

P.S. the majority of these pieces are wallet-friendly!

Click on READ MORE to see the outfits! ❤️❤️❤️



 1: Glamorous, PU Dress with Plunge Neck


 2: Chiara Ferragni Collection SS15, Make-Up
 4: Asos, Ballet Flats


 1: Asos, Pointed High Heels
 2: Chiara Ferragni Collection SS15, Blake
 3: Asos, Platforms in red
 4: Asos, Pointed High Heels in nude


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