Ever wonder how...?

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This quote keeps on popping up on every social network platform that I visit, so I guess it needed to be discussed (?).
So, have you ever wondered? I definitely have. First of all, I wouldn't say that I believe in any kind of religion or atheism, but I do believe in destiny. That is, I let my assumptions depend on my own beliefs and certainties, and I don't limit myself on facts based on a book or other people stories. I believe in science and but am not also bound to believe in evolution. In short, I believe what I see, not what others say, I'm not stubborn with my general opinions about this kind of things but I'm not easy to change my mind either.
I believe that my path has changed multiple times depending on my decisions, choices and circumstances. It is scary but it is so interesting thinking back about certain moments of your life, like "if I never went to that party I would've never met those people", "if I'd chosen to go out of the house at that certain time...", "if I'd taken the other bus..." and so on. And by looking back like that I truly appreciate what the life has led me to: my boyfriend, my current location and my attitude, most of all. Some of those life changing moments we don't really acknowledge until we rewind our thoughts and memories. 
And whatever I'll choose tomorrow will lead me to whatever is waiting for me the day after. And this is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting things in our lives. We do know some things and we don't know the others. Some of them we'd never even dream to happen and yet they did. So, inhale and exhale. The bad moments always pass, just like the good ones. Life is like a piano, the white and black keys alternate, just like our days. And both give a certain feeling, a taste to our existence. It is scary, intimidating but oh, so wonderful.



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