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As many of you may have read in the news these last days, you've might have encountered some headlines like "Jolie removes her ovaries" or "Angelina Jolie is no longer a woman" or "Angelina Jolie: let's get rid of the ovaries". Not only because I study media communication, but also because I'm a woman, I find these headlines and the majority of the articles absolutely irrespectful, degrading to those who have written them and majorly inadequate. Some of those "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves. They mostly just spit out that Mrs. Jolie Pitt has decided to "cut out" her ovaries and fallopian tubes because she is afraid. PEOPLE, PLEASE. Inform yourselves before writing those stupid, uneducated, hateful comments!! You clearly have only read the yellow press or worse - only the headlines.

I can't explain with how much anger for the haters and respect for Angelina Jolie I'm writing this. The negative comments, as I've observed, come from close-minded people, men and unhappy women.

The facts: Mrs. Jolie Pitt has removed, through surgery, her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Two years ago she also had performed double mastectomy  (for you small-minded people - breasts, it involves breasts).

WHY? Because after running tests (which ALL women should do in their teens, 20's and 40's, or whatever, just do it), her doctor found that she had a possibility of having a cancer in early stages, but not seen in the blood test results.
KEEP IN MIND: this wasn't a one or two day thing.
For months she knew about it and had talked to many different specialists in this field, Western and Eastern doctors. They went through many different options, but this surgery was the only one with the highest percentage of having a positive result also in the future and getting her to experience her kids grow up and becoming a (fabulous) grandmother.

There are many other options for cases like this or slightly/not-so-slightly different. Like Angelina says at the end of her "Diary of a surgery" (you can read it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/24/opinion/angelina-jolie-pitt-diary-of-a-surgery.html?_r=0) = "Knowledge is power".
SO PEOPLE, before you say that she has to stop removing one organ after another, that she wants to become a man, that she doesn't know what she's doing, that it's just a trick to get other women spend more money at their doctors' offices - PLEASE, OH PLEASE, READ AND GET INFORMED ABOUT THE TOPIC.

We, women, have already, kind of, a difficult life in terms of health. Our female organs are more prone to develop cancer than men's organs. We have periods, that are hell, we have birth controll pills that are hell too (for many women), we have to bare children, we have to give birth, and when we go in menopause it's like teen years all over again but much, much more difficult and exhausting. And when I say that "we have to bare children and give birth", I just want to add: we don't live anymore in a society where women are only the childbarers and sex is only to make those babies. I'm all about team Jennifer Aniston and choosing to pursue career and love without having children.
Women should not be pressured or obligated to procreate if they do not want to.
It's 2015 but unfortunately some people, mostly men, think that women are still there only to cook and pop out one kid after another one.
But also, hats off to all the mothers. I'm not going to discriminate anyone. Every woman and man has a choice to make in their lives. I'm all about having and not having children. You can have a family with 2 or 5 kids, you can have a family with only your loved one or/and your pet. There is no solid structure of a family anymore. We are all free to choose what we want and what is best for us. We aren't machines of the society and we don't have to follow "the rules" and "the system". There is no such a thing, not anymore.

Angelina remains one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, empowering, intelligent and bravest women out there. Down-to-earth and realistic. That's what girls should look up to.

Let's start educating ourselves before talking and commenting.
And let's start accepting and loving. We have only one life and we are the ones who choose for ourselves. Nobody owns us. Your body is your own and not your man's or your neighbour's.
You do your thing and be happy with your choices, plans and dreams.


 (photo credit: de.eonline.com)


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