Seeing hearts

St. Valentine's is far gone already, but as I mentioned in this post, heart print remains my favourite of them all. Of course, I'm a sucker for leopard print and stripes big time, but hearts are just like the base of my being. Simply because I think that I was put on this world to love and be loved, and that's exactly how I feel and I love to celebrate love in every form and way, even if it's just a print on a piece of clothing.
You may also critisize me because I'm wearing a playsuit in winter (these photos were taken in February and it was darn cold outside), but first - I don't care. I love the playsuit and I will wear it where, when and how I want to, that's why I got it in the first place. Second - this is for all the concerned mothers that think that I'm too poorly dressed for the weather - I'm wearing a long-sleeve top underneath, 80den thights and a very warm coat. It just doesn't get better, or warmer, than with this layering. (insert emoji with a monkey with covered eyes = my fave).

Outfit details:
Playsuit: ASOS, similar here
Long-sleeve Top: H&M, similar here and here
Coat: Promod, similar here
Scarf: borrowed from my mum, similar here
Beanie hat: ASOS, similar here


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