black graffiti

A tourist in your own city is a really rewarding thing. While guiding your relatives or friends, or giving directions to a stranger, you re-visit the place you live in and even re-evaluate some of it's qualities, what the city has to offer, hotspots and new discoveries. 
I'm more of a 21st century girl when it comes to graffiti, i.e., I love it. It is my favourite kind of contemporary art. I find it rebellious, beautiful and clever. Have you ever noticed how the graffiti artists try to blend their work in with the circumstances, with the scenery or the building? I'm not talking about those graffitis that are sad jokes, awful waste of good spray paint and a good wall. I'm talking about the anonymous artists who do their best to make a piece of urban style art. Banksy, for example, is the absolute god of graffiti, and Space Invader is awesome too.  
I already talked my lungs out regarding graffiti a couple of years ago in my Trinity exam, it was so fun to have an examiner who even knew about Banksy and, while being against graffiti in general, we could still share our appreciation of art itself.
So here you go, my down-to-eart outfit near this cool graffiti tunnel.

Outfit details:
Boots: ASOS
Bag: River Island, in grey here
Dresses: H&M (grey) similar here, Lindex (black) similar here
Hoodie: Cache Cache, similar here
Scarf: borrowed, similar here


  1. Love this backdrop, amazing! Followed! X

    Taylor Swift style steel on the blog-

  2. Get yourself a Water Resistant Tote Bag and stop worrying about damaged goods!


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