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This is the eleventh post of the #30daywriter challenge. I missed some days because of, well, life. But I'll catch up at the beginning of August to complete the full 30 days.
Tonight I wanted to share with you these few photos I shot with my boyfriend. I'm just so happy looking at pictures he takes of me because I look so natural, not posed at all and overall happy. I wish we could actually work like this together. He's my dream team.

This bag is my new obsession. Beautiful, on trend style leather bag that my mum brought back from her vacay in Greece. You may think that this is a stinky Céline copy, but well, I must say - there is no brand whatsoever written and it's from real leather. Do I really need to starve myself for a year to buy the same exact bag just with a tiny tiny brand name on it? I don't think so.
And what about these jeans? Well, the history behind them is dating back at least 6 years. They were once solid skinny jeans but with time they expanded and ripped by themselves. So I can't show you a DIY how to rip them so perfectly, it just happened one day as I was ducking down to get something. At first I was shocked, at a second glance I was like "hey, from a defect an effect!". And they are probably the comfiest pair I own.
Espadrilles also have a little backstory. From unsuccessful browsing and online shopping for the perfect pair of espadrilles, my mum bought me these in her last year's vacay. The first idea was for me to buy a pair for me and a pair for my boyfriend, to be matchy matchy. But they didn't fit him and mine broke after one walk. So my mum pledge mercy upon us (haha so tragical) and bought two pairs for me :D and I understand why they are so popular and why is it necessary to buy them "Made in Spain" - they're unbelievably comfortable and feel so good on feet. Now, I'll shut up about my clothes and let you enjoy the other pics.

Outfit details:
Top: Benetton, similar here
Jeans: H&M, similar here


  1. Simple but very beautiful outfit! :)

    1. I prefer to do simple outfits as they're more relevant to each and one of us and easier to draw inspo for one's own outfit choice later on :) and I don't know how normal it would be to stroll around all the time in evening gowns and heels :D thank you! xx


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