moon of my life

It's 1st July and it finally feels like summer here in Germany! With the heat wave bringing us +36 degrees, swoosh, everyone's packing out summer clothes and sweating it in the public transport! Agh, I missed summer in city!
And to celebrate, I'll be doing a challenge. It's the #30daywriter challenge that I stumbled upon on a Facebook Group for Blogging Opportunities. And since I love these types of challenges, this will combine fun and productivity. And for the first post I decided to go with something I had itching in my photo folder for a little while now :)

If you've seen/read the fire and blood post, then you know I'm a GoT fan or at least a religously up to date viewer, in the near future hopefully also a reader. So as a good boyfriend, that mine is, for our anniversary he got me not one, but TWO GoT themed tees from HBO (legit, man!). And I'm House Targaryen die hard fan, if you hadn't noticed haha. "Moon of my life", originally from the mouth of Khal Drogo to Dany, it quickly settled in our vocabulary as one of the nicknames for me from my man.

Outfit details:
"Moon of my Life" T-Shirt : HBO
Low Waist Skinny Jeans: H&M, similar here
Belt: old Wrangler bought a lifetime ago, similar here
Shoes: Vans High Tops (?), also bought a lifetime ago, similar here


  1. I really need to watch Game Of Thrones! I feel like I'm missing out!

    1. Yes, you have to watch it! It has everything in it from love to death, from revenge to politics, fashion and .. I don't know, just everything! :D x

  2. Lovely outfit! :)

  3. I am tempted to binge watch Game of Thrones one day as I've never watched it but always wanted to, on the next rainy day this is going to be my plan!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. Do it! DO IT! :D I'm gonna binge watch it all over again some time soon! I can't cope with the thought that the next season will be out only in approx. a year!

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