say it with a tee

Slogan t-shirts have been around since forever. Almost everyone has at least one of them in their wardrobe. But there are so many people out there, that have absolutely no idea what is written on the shirt, if that's a band or an ingredient, if it's in English or Google Translator English. 
The thing is, the slogan tee is simple but not that simple if you don't have the knowledge of what's on it. All the fails are pretty easy to find on Google, so this won't be a slogan t-shirt fail post. I'd rather list (yes, once again, a list) some pretty simple, cool and decisive slogan tees that can't go wrong (and that won't let you end up famous for wearing grammar errors on your chest).

(full of grammar errors, just like tumblr that I got this pic from)

1. Do I need to explain? Plain White Tee
2. A t-shirt that educates you on slang? Yes. On Fleek.
3. For the Jurassic Park fan. I was here first. 

1. Who doesn't? Your vacation tee is ready. With vitamin Sea.
2. Any Friends friends here? Ross & Rachel are.
3. Talking about vacation... See you in Paris. 

1. Wait for it ...
2. Umm yes. I don't know if it's the sad truth or the sweet one. However, that's a sweet tee. 
3. Hahaa! Clever, huh? Passive aggressive LA chick.

P.S. if you click on the cursive you'll be directed to the links where you can shop all of these tees. They're incredible. Simple, yet effective!

Which is your favourite tee? Do you own one and what does it say? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I finally know what fleek means now!


    1. haha, see, the slogan tees can also be educational :)


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