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It's the fourth day of the #30daywriter challenge and it is really challenging. Not that I have nothing to write about, but I usually write a post when I feel like it, when I know that the content I am going to share will be relevant and hopefully fun or interesting to read. I would never want to publish anything out of "just because". Even if I'm still such a newbie at this, I'm no Kristina Bazan or Gwyneth Paltrow of blogging, I want my posts to be as accurate and sincere as possible. It's not an excuse, just because you're new, to provide blog posts with close to zero significance and content. If we all want to get good at something, we have to work for it, put ourselves in it and try to get out the best results as possible. Practice makes perfect, so probably in 2 years time, going back to your first posts, you will see how much you've evolved and in what kind of a writer you've grown in. I wish to see this change and not be embarrassed by what I wrote or angry at my past self.
For this post I would love to actually mention my favourite bloggers of all time from whom I get inspiration for my writing and fashion choices. I pay a lot of attention to take something from everyone but never to copy, because nobody likes copycats. It shows immaturity, lack of inspiration and creativity and unreliability. To be creative is the easiest and the thoughest thing in the world, so never steal others' creative works and creations. If you're lacking inspo, find some or more places where to draw it from. So now I'll show you a few places and blogs I draw mine from.
(photo from Design Love Fest, ice creams because it's still freaking hot and has yet to reach it's peak tomorrow, and check out Design Love Fest website, they have many super cool and fun desktop wallpapers to download!)

1. Kristina Bazan, Kayture
In my opinion, probably the best written blog out there (do not mention typos and grammar errors, we're all human, we all speak more than 1 language). I find it so professional not only because of the beautiful photography and the work put in them, but because there's always c o n t e n t. Accurately written articles sometimes so personal, you feel extremely close to the person on the other side of the screen. That's something I also look for in a new blog I read and it's rare to find.

2. Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad
I'm not saying that I'm obsessed, but I'd totaly lose it if I'd ever meet Chiara, I'd probably fangirl too much. From her, I mostly draw inspo not only from her blog, but more from her Instagram. She stated in an interview that she shares whatever she likes without thinking or worrying that she could get a negative feedback. That's mostly the point - to share what you like for the sake of yourself and not others. And she has an incredible taste and always fun Snapchat videos! Do you recruit interns? :D

3. Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl
Besides being the first digital influencer to ever cover her home country's one of the biggest fashion magazines (Check it out here), she's one of the most personal bloggers out there, in my opinion. Her Instagram post of her engagement to her boyfriend of eight years is probably the most heart warming, beautiful and dreamy post there is.Talk about power couple! And judging by her Snapchat, she's fun and down-to-earth kinda gal. From her the biggest thing I draw from is her positivity that shines out of her every pore.

4. Andy Torres, Style Scrapbook
Also from here, I take my dose of positivity, like from Nicole Warne. More than her blog, I'm following her Snapchat and I love them, how she describes her travels, workouts or just random things.

5. Aimee Song, Song of Style
Her Snapchat is the one you have to follow! She might be the most fun blogger out there and also sometimes very very personal, sincere and just putting all of her cards on the table. She knows what she's doing and she always has something fun going on. So if you're in need of positivity, you know where to find here - AimeeLikeMommy on Snapchat!

However, there are many more famous and not at all famous people I follow on my social media, that I draw inspiration from, I chose to share these five women as they're a mix of everything I'd like to insert also in my writings and doings. It's not that I want to be famous, I want people to read my blog and have fun and share creativity and experiences, ideas, dreams, advices. Everything. Because at the end, we're all in the same boat that is life and if we keep each other company and learn from each other, we can turn the inflatable boat in a yacht!



  1. Such a great post! I am doing the #30DayWriter challenge as well and is challenging. I have learned through his process to write ahead of time!! In my downtime, I plan, plan, plan! So rewarding as well!!!

    1. I write in the moment. It's interesting learning how others do their blogging :) thank you! xx


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