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As you all may know by now, I'm probably the biggest fun and admirer of ASOS own fashion brand. It's always my go-to website if I ever need anything in particular for a special occasion or just to lose some time and browse through. They're always armed with the latest trends and if does seem like they know their audience and what we need and like. 
For this post I've decided to choose from their website some staple pieces to create a timeless outfit that is always ready to be dressed up or down, regarding on different occasions. I'm more of a type that chooses comfort over everything but there's nothing better than finding something you feel comfortable in and beautiful.

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1. For starters, I love to build my outfits usually starting from bottoms, so in this case I've chosen a simple pair of jeans. The colour is extremely important. And I'll tell you why. 
When buying jeans we always know that we're going to wear them for the next years and not only weeks. So they have to be kind of perfect, if I may. 
The colour, if it's washed denim or rich color, patterned, ripped, distressed, it all matters. I chose a simple skinny jean with mid-high waist. The cut is the most flattering one for any body type, in my opinion and the color is a classic. I didn't choose ripped jeans because they are not so convertible as a classic jean, even though they are majorly on trend right now.

2. My next step is choosing a top. This can absolutely depend on your mood, your plan for the day or just what is clean. On the days I don't know what to wear or don't want to bother thinking of a "pretty" or "cute" outfit, I choose my all time favourite Pull and Bear NASA T-Shirt. It's not available on the site anymore, but I've chosen from ASOS a similar one, just without the print. The color is also a basic one, so you can still have possibilities to add some colour with further shoes or accessories or just keep it real simple. Another option to a plain t-shirt is to get one with a funny or clever print or slogan and ASOS has a huge variety of those.

Find these tees here and here

3. Also, depending on your mood and day plan, shoes come in question. By warmer weather I love to wear my ballerinas, that have been my wardrobe full time friend since I was 12 maybe, and they still are. I love the ones in the first photo, from ASOS and I own them too and am thinking to get another pair, you know, just in case! You can never have too many classic ballerinas! And they're surprisingly comfy. The other option is to choose a different type of a classic shoe, like trainers of your choice or heels. 

 Find ballerinas here, Reebok trainers here, ASOS Plimsolls here and here.

4. Probably the most important thing - bag. Because, your whole outfit can be on point - dressed up or down, casual or chic or both, but no one likes stuffed pockets or carrying everything in their hands. For me the bag has to be very versatile, it has to go with jeans and a tee and also, if necessary, with a dress. So I always try to find a timeless piece. For something more fun or extravagant I'd look for a clutch or a smaller crossbody bag, as they're both comfy and feminine. The everyday bag has to fit my whole life in it :) So it can't be smaller than A4 and biggers than A3 format, kind of. 

These loves you can find here, here, here and finally here.

And a little reminder. When choosing clothing as a foundation on which to build the whole outfit, don't necessarily follow trends. Blue denim is always in, just like a good handbag. If stripes are in, you shouldn't buy only striped things! Choose one for every trend and mix it up, in this way creating and mixing up basics with trends. Remember to have fun not only while shopping but also while wearing. :)

What are your favourite basics and trends? And how do you mix and match them up? Let me know below in the comments!



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