things I learned working as a waitress

Let's start with the fact that some people looked weird at me when I found my first job ever, as a waitress. At least, first paid job ever. I mean, what's wrong with working and earning. I was very disappointed at some responses, but felt majorly motivated because of the feedback I got at my job.
It's not my career, after all. It's a job that allows me to have fun, shop, save up and just be more independent from anyone. Thanks to my 3rd job at an ice cream parlor, I could contribute in paying my own bills when I was living with my boyfriend who also then worked as a waiter. When we worked at the same place for 6 months - he was the best colleague ever. Like, ever.
My bosses have been different, one was a difficult person to handle through the day but your best friend by the evening, one was just brilliant and one ... I won't comment on that overly negative backboneless person... Let's leave it for later :)
So, I've had my fair share of experiences working with people, serving food, managing reservations, foreign clients and what not. And a few weeks ago, I found here in Germany my first job as a student. And it's magnificent in terms of flexibility, friendliness and everything. If you click on "read more", you'll find the list of things that I've learned until today.

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If you're a client:
  1. Don't be rude to us if you're having a bad day, we have nothing to do with it and we are not servants of your misery. Fake a smile, order, say thank you. Simple as that.
  2. If you see us walking (running) with hands full of 10 plates, 20 glasses and sweating, don't try to get our attention and/or get angry if we don't see you - we do see you, we just can't offer you the service you deserve while baring all those trays.
  3. Don't ever flick/snap your fingers at us to get our attention. It's an immediate buzz kill and we will never look at you the same way. We are no dogs.
  4. We are not responsible for the taste of the food, we didn't cook it. Seriously.
  5. If you don't tip, it's not a tragedy, but if you do, you're a decent human being. (this applies to Europe, in USA all waiters depend on tips and tipping culture is different, so I can't judge on that)
  6. Calm your kids or don't come in at 11 pm with a baby. Of course, he/she will cry, fight, scream and maybe also vomit. And we don't have to clean that up. It's your offspring, not the restaurant's.
  7. Many times, groups or/and couples, go out to dinner to have a good time. But you won't have a good time if your stay extends over the closing hours. We still have to clean after you, clean the restaurant (it's very rare that there's a cleaning lady/man for the restaurant), put everything in order, sometimes prepare everything for the next day and then only go home. 
  8. If we ask you if everything's OK and you answer yes but afterwards still blame something on someone at the manager, you're not a decent human being. 
  9. Flirting, drunk or not, isn't flattering to us (mostly) and you probably are only waisting our time. And if you have your girlfriend/fiancèe/wife next to you - how dare you!
  10. We do our best to bring you the best, we are not evil satanic creatures from hell. We are human beings just like you, the client. 
If you're a co-worker:
  1. Don't b*tch about how much or how little you have to work. If you would really need the job, you would shut up and do it. No whining, no excuses, no too many breaks, no nothing.
  2. Being friendly is the key. Holding grudges are unnecessary because in two minutes we will probably have to serve tables together. 
  3. But don't be too friendly. We're still just co-workers (unless stated otherwise).
  4. Passive aggressive jokes about a mistake we made while waiting a table is never pleasent. We try to do our job good and we do feel bad if we mess something up.
  5. Don't compare with each other. We all have different shifts, different expierence at the job and different tips and tricks. Better learn from each other and make a good team.
And some truths:
  1. We (at least, I do) double and sometimes triple check if everything is clean before you sit down at your table. 
  2. Everyone fakes a smile now and then.
  3. I've yet to see the myth that waiters spit in bad clients' food.
  4. If you stay a lot later than the closing time, we will buzz around like bees to make you go away. Not always, but when it's really exagerated from your part.
  5. A waiter's job is just as important as every other job out there. A person works, interacts with others, earns their pay and pays bills. There are very rare occasions when people work out of fun, don't you think? 
I think I've gathered the most important parts that I wanted. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them!
What jobs have you taken on? What has been your favourite job experience? Have you worked as a waiter/waitress? Let me know!



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