it's the heatwave talking

Day 2 of #30daywriter. And it's hot out here. Everyone's melting. Ok, no, not yet.
By browsing through different blog posts, trying to find some inspiration for a new blog post for this blogging challenge. Why not introduce a new kind of post?!  The inspo taken from the lovely Matilda from JustMeMatti. She conducted an interview with me on her blog, you can read it here.
So now I ask you something a little bit different. You interview me, like a Q&A. Leave me your comments/questions here or

on Instagram
on Facebook
on Twitter

and I will be so happy to answer them!
In the meantime, stay hydrated, don't stay too much in the sun and take care!



  1. I love this. I've been inspired by you to do #30daywriter as well!

    Dori | dorigamii

    1. it's a really nice thing around us, new bloggers, and the fact that I've inspired you to participate is awesome! You can also find the group on Facebook by searching the hashtag #30daywriter ! xx


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